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Question:  Shampoo Cut&Dry for men
Answer:   Proper washing will help keep the hair from splitting and in some cases even get...
Question:  How often should a man get his hair cut?
Answer:   Haircuts should generally occur every 4 to 6 weeks if you want to look your best...
Question:  Are gels and oils bad for the scalp?
Answer:   Gels get hard, congest the scalp and the scalp doesn’t breathe. You can point ou...
Question:  How to raise your hair if you have colored the hai
Answer:   Raising too much is a mistake.Since colored hair absorbs and releases water much...
Question:  Should I wash your hair every day?
Answer:   Stylists say your hair looks best when the natural oils that start in the scalp ...
Question:  How to Get Permanently Straight Hair Without Cream
Answer:   Look into Japanese hair straightening--also known as thermal reconditioning, a s...
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